Topes Top Tinus

Ashely’s Aventinus was dumped from the Tier III playoffs Wednesday night 0-5 by an Ice-o-topes III team that looked a lot like an Ice-o-topes II team. “I saw two guys there that are on the Tier I squad,” said center Joe Crossno.

Goaltender Rusty Barron expressed frustration over a game marked by bad bounces and critical no calls. “It’s frustrating,” Barron said.

The defense struggled to stop the faster Ice-o-topes forwards, particularly the Marks brothers line (Mark Woods and Mark Johnston), who went minus 4 for the evening. Woods had difficulty staying on his skates, falling several times cutting to his right. “Mark (Johnston) played great,” said Woods. “I played terribly. You can pin those goals on me.”

Johnston had no comment regarding Woods’ play.

The front office has recently confirmed that Woods will not return next season to play for Aventinus. “This decision was not based on Mark’s play last night,” said GM Mark Woods. “Mark is a solid defenseman, but the team needs to focus more on scoring. That’s why we’re bringing in Dan (Sellinger). I think I speak for Mark when I say he understands.”

“Mark will always be a part of the Ashley’s franchise,” Woods added. In fact, Woods will try to help the Ruination in their semi-final match-up Saturday.

Despite the loss, the team remained upbeat about the season. Aventinus shocked many with a playoff win over Barracuda last Sunday to get into the quarterfinal match with the ‘Topes.