Aventinus Assemble!

Ashley’s Aventinus opened its Winter 2013 campaign with an exciting win over Goon Squad Sunday night at Varsity arena.

Centers Justin Baier and Joe Crossno gave Aventinus a two-goal lead going into the third before Goon Squad mounted a comeback, tying the game with two quick goals early in the third.

However, the new-look Aventinus held firm, putting together rush after rush until winger Mark Johnston roofed in the game-winner with two-and-a-half minutes left in regulation.

Forwards Jen Perry and Ginny Klinesteker added assists in the win, due in large part to being well-hydrated. “Is someone filling the bottles?” Klinesteker asked before the game.

Equipment Manager Mark Woods filled the bottles, but declined to answer allegations that being half-Asian linked him to possible tampering of the water, known in athletic circles as “joking.”