Winter 2013 Changes

After meeting with the league director, there are a number of significant changes coming for Winter 2013. Here are the highlights:

League names: D1 will now be the new C league, with D2 becoming the new D1, and D3 becoming D2.

Tuesday/Saturday Only Skaters: Suspensions must be served on the game night you usually play. For example, if a Tuesday-only skater is suspended for a game, the Saturday game will not count toward his suspension. He must sit out the next Tuesday game.

Extra-Game Suspension: Late game suspensions (i.e. getting a major with a couple minutes left in the game will result in a 2-game suspension)

New Website: The Cube website will be moving toward more dynamically-driven data. Game sheets will be sent via email (to me, making stat-keeping much easier), and game results including standings will be updated in real time online. Each team will also have access to a team webpage (but we already have an awesome one, so no need to waste your time!).

Start Time and Fees: The new season will begin January 5. I will have information about fees and schedules as soon as I can.