Hopslam Offense Finally Unchained

The coaching staff for Hopslam (above) was promptly fired Friday, freeing the 13 players to open up the offense in their 5-2 win over the Ice Men Saturday

RIVERSIDE– After feeling like they’ve been “shackled for years,” Hopslam finally escaped with the help of a healthy dose of offense, beating the Ice Men 5-2 Saturday night and earning their first win since beating Black Ops 9-0 in the season opener.

“We were starving for a win,” said Al Juback (2 goals), the eldest among this rag tag family. “It felt good to get out there and just feel free to skate again.”

Sources say that the coaching staff had been “oppressive,” often benching players for months. Said GM Mark Woods: “I think the coaches may have stunted their development.”

Craig Hernandez (3 assists), Nic Schultz, and Kenny Schmidt added goals in the win, while Matt Okray and Matt Hewitt each added two assists. Emily Nelson and Steve Gorham also added assists.

Said Okray: “It felt good to be out there able to do what ever I wanted without fear of severe punishment.”