What a Deal – Lopez Found!

LOS ANGELES– Forward Shawn Lopez, former Ashley’s Ruination star who disappeared under mysterious circumstances, has allegedly resurfaced eighteen months after a nationwide search was called off. Though officials have not entirely confirmed his identity, fans have been buzzing. “It’s him! It’s really him!” said Farmington Hills resident Dawn Knots-Reely.

Lopez in team photo during 2014 season

At around the 9:41 mark of a video titled “Let’s Make a Deal” airing on CBS weekdays, Lopez or someone bearing his resemblance appears as a contestant on the show, wearing a “hockey costume.”

Forensics specialists note that he appears to be wearing Ashley’s signature red socks despite the black jersey. “It certainly would seem to be him,” said Beverly Hills detective Alex Foley.

Lopez’s parents were overjoyed to see the video. “We always knew he moved to California for a new job, and he calls every week, but that didn’t stop us from worrying sick about his whereabouts,” said Lopez’s father, George.

Added Lopez’s mother: “I’m just happy he passed on the motorcycle for the Amazon gift card.”