Aventinus Agree to Trial Separation, “See Other Teams”

ANN ARBOR–Aventinus, with some teammates playing together for at least the last twenty years, have agreed to a trial separation for the Summer season to “see how it goes,” according to sources Tuesday.

“We’ve had a lot of ups and downs, won a couple championships, had our share of screaming matches, like all teams do, and I think it’s just time we took a break to assess where we are,” said Aventinus’ PR manager Dee Vorce.

The team has agreed to a more “open” relationship during this break period. “I’ve had my eye on Hopslam for quite a while,” noted (s)winger Kurt Christie. “I’m looking forward to that.”

Others, including forwards Tom Colis and Les Withrow have admitted to already having played with other teams. “It’s not quite irony, but it’s ironic-ish that the team name is WidowMaker,” noted Colis.

Aventinus has agreed to stay together to get the “kids through the playoffs” before separating. Their first game is set for Wednesday.