Winowiecki Website Guarantees Weight Loss

ANN ARBOR– Amid the myriad weight loss fad diets, netrepreneur and sometimes goalie (and sometimes winger) Ricky Winowiecki has entered into the $68 billion dollar industry with a new website featuring his new “Ocular-based suppression” method of weight cessation.

“Basically, I set up pictures for clients who want to lose weight to view prior to eating,” explains Winowiecki in a press release following Ruination’s 6-3 win over Trash Pandas Tuesday night. “I guarantee you’ll eat less, and lose more weight.”

The pictures, Winowiecki notes, show various injuries to his ankles or knees from hockey injuries at various stages. The swollen tissue and discoloration are said to decrease appetite by 37%, according to the latest research by the Gross Foundation.

“The leg and toe hairs also help curb the desire to eat as well,” adds Winowiecki.

Winowiecki notes plans to offer mail-in pictures to clients with a “Scratch-n-sniff” option. The service can be found on

Winowiecki displays his ankle to help combat obesity among Americans