Loss Leads to Debate Over Cereal, Vitamins

ANN ARBOR– A 4-5 loss Tuesday to the Ice Men led Hopslam players to discuss late into the evening what exactly was advertised in cereal ads, specifically the “essential vitamins and minerals.”

Tony the Tiger was the center of controversy Tuesday night.

The disagreement began when forward Nic Schultz noted that the score said aloud “four to five” sounded similar to “forty five, you know just like the cereal.”

When prompted to explain further, Schultz revealed that breakfast cereals often are made with “45 vitamins and minerals.” That statement led to heated debated over the contents of cereal made by a variety of Michigan-based producers such as Kellogg’s.

Some team members openly questioned if in fact, 45 vitamins and minerals could actually be packed into a bowl of cereal without compromising the taste.

The debate quickly devolved into whether the slogan “they’re gr-r-reat” referred to the taste, texture, or the various vitamins and minerals, and even whether it was the vitamins or the minerals that were great.

“It’s fortified vitamins and minerals,” noted forward Kenny Schmidt, in an attempt to end the debate.

Schultz responded: “That’s what I said. Forty five vitamins and minerals. Try to keep up, Kenny.”