Ruination: Brian Can Handle It

ANN ARBOR– In an incredible show of confidence, GM Mark Woods announced that forward Brian Lefevre, currently listed as the only player planning to skate in Saturday’s upcoming game against the Yaks, has “totally got this.”

Brian Lefevre can totally beat the Yaks on his own.

Said Woods: “He’s fast. He skates circles around people. Brian’s got this.”

VP of Operations Chris Sutton was hesitant, suggesting that several players should be called up to fill key positions. Woods noted, however, that the team has started 4-0 after completing a 3-1 win Tuesday night over the Dragons. “And we did it without defensemen, so what’s the worry?”

Lefevre did not give an official statement, but did hope that someone else would show up, if for no other reason than to bring “an extra puck or water bottle or something.”

Oddsmakers have stated that if Lefevre plays alone, the Yaks will likely win 6-3, adding that if defensive player Mark Woods is added to the roster, the score will likely be 8-3 in favor of the Yaks.