Ruination Loss: No One to Blame But Everyone Who Didn’t Show Up

ANN ARBOR– Vice President and Director of Operations Chris Sutton waxed philosophical late Saturday evening when asked about Ruination’s 0-6 loss to the 3-5 Dragons. “We all gave a great effort, but it just wasn’t enough. You really can’t blame anyone,” he said.

“Except for all the guys that didn’t show up,” added Sutton.

Michigan Wolverines defeat Nebraska and allow Dragons a victory over Ruination Saturday

Sutton went on to explain that giving “110 percent” is a “physical impossibility, particularly when you opt to watch the Michigan (football) game instead of skating.”

Forward Greg Monroe took exception to the comments made. “Hey, the only thing I don’t give 110% of is when it comes to tipping.”

Added Monroe: “Fifteen percent id more than enough. Twenty, maybe, but the service needs to be exceptional.”

Defensemen Eric Larson noted that having two small children makes early games the “perfect excuse” during football Saturdays. “Besides, it was a close game, and Michigan won.”

Michigan defeated Nebraska 32-29 in the closing minutes of the game, after handing Ruination its first loss of the season though absenteeism.

“Still,” said Sutton. “We could have used more players.”

Stated defenseman Mark Woods, who has been a healthy scratch for the entire season: “Don’t look at me. Had I played, I think it would have been a 0-7 loss.”