‘Gramps’ Okray Tells of the Legend of Sasquatch

GRAMPS OLD FARM–Matt “Gramps” Okray spun a tale lovingly referred to by older family members as “The Legend of Sasquatch” to wide-eyed grandchildren late in the evening Thursday. “Up against an unbeatable monster. Sasquatch,” started off Okray, pausing for dramatic effect. “He done et 52 men, women, children, and he was hungry more.”

Artist conception of Okray telling tall tales to the grandchildren on the farm

Added Okray: “Powerful hungry.”

As the story goes, Okray and several brave men from “round these parts,” fought the beast. Ol’ Bruce Connor used a distracting strategy of engaging the beast in a game of tic-tac-toe. “Bobby the kid (Coulter) got hit in the arm, and barely escaped the clutches of the Sasquatch,” noted Okray. But, with the aid of Kenny Schmidt and Art Rautenberg, they were able to fight the legendary monster off.

When the children asked if Gramps was really referring to Hopslam’s 4-2 win over Sasquatch late Tuesday night, Okray reportedly began “yellin’ som’in powerful,” eventually ushering the kids out of the room.

“Geez, what a grouch,” said one of the older grandchildren. “No wonder Dad calls him ‘Menstrual Gramps.'”

No one from the family or the team was available for comment.