WidowMaker Trash Talk Not Effective

ANN ARBOR– Despite the trash talk by Widowmaker players Friday night, the team failed to intimate the Jurassic Puck players, who went on to beat Widowmaker 2-1.

Dinosaur trash talk proved a little too esoteric in Widowmaker’s loss Friday

“We tried to add a little intimidation to give us an edge,” said Kurt Christie, who scored the team’s only goal. “But I guess saying things like ‘Jurass is mine’ and ‘I’m a puck you up’ just didn’t quite put the fear in them.”

Added Kristie: “Maybe we shoulda slashed their tires or something. You know like with dinosaur claw marks like you see with those t-shirts.”

Several other comments were heard prior to the start of the game, including “Your mama is from Mesozoic period.” Someone pointed out that the Jurassic period is included within the Mesozoic period, creating confusion among Widowmaker trash talkers.

Without any further puns or references to age, the Widowmaker team simply used hand gestures, which were difficult see with the stiffness of the gloves’ fingers.

“I’m surprised they never said anything to me,” said Jurassic Puck forward Tyrone Soarus. “Or to my brother Rex.”