Ruination “All Gas, No Brakes” After Dubious Mexican Cuisine Decisions

ANN ARBOR– Ruination turned in an 11-8 win over Side Biscuit Spicy Boys, winning 11-8 against the Spicy Boys. And if that was repeating, so was Chris Klaft after a rough bout following a questionable burrito from “this guy selling tacos and stuff out of his van or food truck or whatever.”

According to sources close (but too close) to Klaft, he is a self-described “adventure foodie,” willing to take risks. “I’ve seen this guy eating ice cubes in Mexico, mayonnaise at an outdoor summer cookout, and even once at that hippie breakfast place where everyone goes after the bars close (Fleetwood’s Diner),” said a confidential source.

“But that burrito… didn’t look right,” he added.

Klaft admitted the decision forced him to play more defensively, staying “close to the toilet” rather than risk it with the brisket, which was reportedly what the burrito largely contained. “Looking back at it, I’m pretty sure that’s what it was,” said Klaft. “But, things like my memory or the bowl was a bit cloudy, so you never can tell.”

At last report, poo poo jokes: low brow, but always funny, as long as everyone is all right in the end…