Product Placement Added in Ruination Interview

Superbowl champion Peyton Manning's post-game interview may have overshadowed Woods's product placement interview

Superbowl champion Peyton Manning’s post-game product placement interview may have overshadowed Woods’s product placement interview

ANN ARBOR–Defenseman Mark Woods expressed relief and joy after Ruination’s 3-2 win Saturday night. “It’s a good team win,” said Woods.

Media speculation of this being Woods’s “last rodeo” has been largely fueled by questions of his age, decreased goal production, and healthy scratches for Tuesday night games over the last two seasons. When asked following the game, Woods was vague, non-committal.

“Right now, I just wanna take some time and really enjoy this win with my team,” he said over din. “I’m really proud of those guys.”

He extended praise to Alex Riley, Andrew Thompson, and Steve Gorham for scoring goals, noting that John Vella and Ryan Williams added great assists. “I thought the defense played really well, and Matt (Okray) was solid in net,” said Woods.

When asked what’s next, Woods smiled and said, “Well, Michelle (Tafoya, sports reporter for NBC), right now I just wanna kiss my wife and kids, hug my family, and buy a lot of hand soaps from Bath & Body Works.”

Added Woods: “And maybe a couple of bath salts, also from Bath & Body Works. They have an excellent selection of candles, soaps, and creams for any occasion.”