Father Knows Best, Dishes Assist

Forward Steven Golombisky scored his first Tier II goal late Wednesday night at Stadium Ice, assisted by proud papa and center Joe Crossno. However, it wasn’t enough as Aventinus (1-1) fell 1-3 to Mott 2.

Golombisky joined the team last season, and has shown steady improvement each game. “It seems like just last game we were telling him to avoid being offside, and now he’s among the team leaders in scoring,” said GM Mark Woods.

Forward Mark Johnston was also credited with an assist, extending his point streak to 2 games.

Goaltender Jeff Phillion shook off two goals in the first and an early one in the second period, shutting Mott down the rest of the way. Phillion returned to net after an extended absence, thanks in large part to a generous donation from “Santa,” according to sources.