Goalie Gets Great Night’s Rest

Rip Van Phillion awakens briefly to contemplate whether he has goaltending duties or not Thursday night.

BELLEVUE– Goaltender Jeff Phillion reportedly got “eight solid [hours]” of sleep Thursday night, interrupted only by a text from teammate Matt Okray at 945pm asking if he was playing in Hopslam’s 7-1 win over Gates at Yost Ice Arena.

“What time is [the] game?” texted a slightly groggy Phillion before returning to his “vision of sugar plums” dancing in his head.

The team, however, was left to determine next steps. Fortunately, Okray and defenseman Steve Gorham brought their goaltending gear. Following an intense game of rock-paper-scissors, it was determined that Okray would play net. “How can you mad when you’re playing at Yost?” asked Okray expansively.

The team went on to score seven goals, including two from Nic Schultz. Hopslam plays again Saturday, where a travel-weary Brad Johnson is slated to play net, assuming he awakens from his nap in time.