Corporate Sponsors Take Over League

Ashley’s Furniture (formerly Ruination) reveals its new jersey logo Tuesday, following its 6-5 win over Home Depot Town Stags

ANN ARBOR– The Ann Arbor Hockey League may have been the last bastion of unsullied hockey, free of corporate sponsorship and the inevitable branding and shameless product placement… at least it was.

“Folks, I’m pleased as Tropicana Fruit Punch to announce that we now have the sponsorship that will allow this league to proper and grow now and into the future,” stated league director Abe Colwell.

Added Colwell: “Mmm. Tropicana. 100% pure squeezed sunshine. Tropicana.”

The league also announced that several teams would now “enjoy” newly branded names, including the now Home Depot Town Stags, Ashley’s Furniture Hockey Team (formerly Ruination), and Mott’s Applesauce.

The announcement came just hours following Ashley’s Furniture’s 6-5 win over Home Depot Town.