Bell’s Puts Aventinus on Ice

Freezing rain and a national tournament kept Aventinus (1-4-1) from breaking out of a slump as Bell’s Beer handed them their third straight loss 2-7 Sunday night. Defenseman Les Withrow and forward Mark Johnston each had a goal, while Joe Crossno assisted on both.

“I don’t know how Bell’s Beer could have no points in the standings before last night’s game, given the over-qualified players they had on the ice!” exclaimed an exasperated and tired Ron Coleman.

“We got blown away,” said center Dave Ferguson. “Miller Lite [a derogatory term for Bell’s] had an obvious ringer.”

The team did not receive any help from the weather, as several players were caught by the storm, including the “Girl Power” line of Jen Perry, Amy Senne, and Ginny Klinesteker. Perry and Senne were competing in a tournament in Las Vegas, representing their respective countries, while Klinesteker was reportedly seen buying fruits and vegetables at a discount market in the greater Detroit area just hours before the game.

Amid swirling rumors of illegal “juicing,” Klinesteker could not be reached for comment. Her agent, however, had this statement: “I’m not saying my client has a juicer, but what is wrong with extracting liquid from a turnip and a carrot and drinking it, other than the obvious horrible taste?”