Winowiecki Amygdala Completely Healed

ANN ARBOR– After intensive rehabilitation over the last year, forward Ricky Winowiecki has made “a full recovery,” as evidenced by his play in Ruination’s 4-3 semi-final win over Bull Schlitz Tuesday night.

Winowiecki argues with the referees (above) in futility late Tuesday night.

“We were all worried he wouldn’t be able to muster the anger needed to play at a top level,” said team doctor Amy G. Dala. “But he dispelled any concerns by the second period.”

The critical moment came in the second period when Ruination received four penalties within a two minute span, sparking outrage from Winowiecki, who called for a “walk-out” by captain Mark Woods.

“When they do something like that, you walk off the ice!” roared Winowiecki.

Cooler heads prevailed as long-time friend and forward Chris Sutton calmed Winowiecki by noting that “all you can do is play hockey… or leave.”

The speech worked. Despite eventually giving up a 5-on-3 goal early in the third period, the team rallied, scoring on their own 5-on-3 power play. Winowiecki focused his energies to help kill a penalty in the closing minutes of the game and secure the win.

“That’s why we call him the Ragin’ Cajun,” said Woods. “Because it rhymes. Not because he’s Cajun.”