Aventinus Loss Springboard for Political Jabs

Aventinus (2-6-2) lost late Sunday night to the Goaldiggers 1-5 in an unevenly called game. Aventinus received nine minutes in penalties, while the Goaldiggers received none.

Aventinus did not help their cause, hurling insults at the referees. Forward Ginny Klinesteker all but called referee J. Silvennoinen a communist with her “Let’s go, Red!” invective, prompting the referee to look up startled.

“Given his name, I’m thinking he’d be more of a socialist,” explained GM Mark Woods. “But, hey! ObamaCare is making socialists of us all, right?”

Added Woods, “My paycheck hurts.”

Defenseman Joe Crossno managed the lone goal for Aventinus, slamming home the puck after some nifty passing from Kleinsteker and center Jen Perry.

“I’m hungry,” said Perry.

Jimmy Johns was reportedly ordered.