Ruination Lets It All Hang Out for Championship

ANN ARBOR– Ashley’s Ruination pulled out all of the stops Monday, clinching the C-League Spring title with a 4-0 win over the WT Killer Bees on their way to their twelfth championship. “I’m really proud of our guys,” said GM Al Fresco. “They left everything on the ice.”

“Guys were celebrating hard in the locker room,” noted forward Chris Sutton. “There was a lot of raw, naked emotion in there.”

Added Sutton, “Everyone wanted a piece of that trophy. Guys were tugging for it.”

Goalie Ricky Winowiecki, who suffered a season ending injury earlier in the season, noted that he was happy that the championship was securely “tucked away.”

“I wasn’t there for the game,” he stated. “But, I’m as giddy as a schoolgirl.”

Defenseman Austin Feeney said he felt “breezy” throughout the game. “I just let it all hang out, and whatever happens happens,” he said stoically.

When asked how, he replied, “Cockfidence. Coming or going, that’s what it’s all about.”

Feeney shows off his hardware