Ruination Does Just Fine

ANN ARBOR– Ashley’s Ruination did just fine without defensemen Mark Woods (or any defensemen) Saturday in its 9-2 victory over the Side Biscuit Spicy Boys Saturday. “It just shows a good defense is a good offense,” said forward-turned-defenseman Andrew Thompson.

Woods thinks about career, regrets, during Ruination’s 9-2 win Saturday

When asked about the healthy scratch Saturday, Woods noted that he was offered the opportunity to play, indicating that Director of Player Personnel Chris Sutton had noted that playing Saturday was “up to you.”

“That’s a pretty clear message,” said Woods. “Nobody wants ten and half skaters on the ice.”

Sutton quickly dismissed the notion. “He’s really more like three quarters, but who’s keeping track of these things?” Sutton asked while pointing a thumb toward himself and winking in a less than subtle manner.

Trade rumors began swirling shortly when Spinal Tap’s GM Nigel Tufnel stated that he would be happy to add Woods to the line-up. “We have a rich tradition of going to eleven,” said Tufnel.