Johnson Grills Brats

ANN ARBOR– Defenseman Brad Johnson announced his early retirement from hockey amid the disappointment following Hopslam’s 2-3 loss Saturday night to Yaks D1 and their second straight loss, something that has not happened since the Winter 2021 season. “I’m going to follow my bliss and open a hot dog food truck,” said Johnson.

“I like hot dogs,” the defenseman added.

Johnson proceeded to open his new business venture just outside of the stadium Saturday night, grilling hot dogs well into the 10 o’clock hour, attracting at least half a dozen patrons, prompting him to open a “second package of hot dogs.”

Though the venture proved successful, Johnson was later persuaded to return to the team, but did not rule out bringing hamburgers and buns to their next Saturday game. “I relish the opportunity,” said Johnson.