President Sleeps Through Ruination Tie

ANN ARBOR– Amidst a grueling travel schedule, President Joe Biden was caught dozing during Ruination’s 3-3 tie Tuesday evening with Bull Schlitz.

President Biden seen dozing off during Ruinations’s game Tuesday night.

“C’mon, man,” entreated the president. “I was at the COP26 just the other day, they have me coming here to the great state of Minnesota for a game, I still gotta ball out Joe (Manchin) and Krysten (Sinema) tomorrow…”

Added Biden: “The thing is, hockey is a relaxing sport.”

The president may have been referring to recent concerns over a spending bill currently held up in the Senate Senators Manchin and Sinema over the last few weeks.

When asked directly whether or not he was actually asleep during the game, he denied “dozing off,” calling the allegations a “a load of Bull Schlitz.”