Yaks Add Scottie Scheffler to A2 C League Golf Scramble Coming in May

Getty Images are too expensive, so this Instagram image will suffice, particularly for colorblind viewers who will mistake this sweater for a green jacket.

AUGUSTA– Following his win at the Master’s Sunday in Augusta, golfer Scottie Scheffler has accepted an invitation from the Yaks to play in their 4-man Spring Scramble starting in early May. “I feel like I can contribute to the team,” noted a flushed and excited Scheffler.

“It was an honor to win in Augusta, but to wear the proud colors of brown and yellow for the Yaks this Spring is really icing on the cake,” added Scheffler.

Team captain Zak DeYak said he “couldn’t be more pleased,” noting that Scheffler has always been a member of the team despite the fact that he’s only been on the roster for less than 20 minutes as of press time.

Jason Fritzius, the Yaks’ goalie (13-4) and usual fourth member of the golf team, was not available for comment, though unofficial sources say he “looked kinda pissed.” The Yaks play Ruination Tuesday in Game 2 of the Winter C League finals.