Updated Matrix Movie To Feature Keanu Reeves saying “Whoa” when he sees Ruination’s Game 2 Results v Yaks C

HOLLYWOOD– Directors of the The Matrix Lana and Lilly Wachowski (formerly known as Larry and Andy Wachowski) announced late Tuesday the they were remastering/reshooting the film, notably the “Deja Vu” scene in which Neo sees a cat perform the same action twice.

To avoid royalty issues with Gettys Images, this picture of GM Mark Woods doing his best to accommodate A2ICE3 league rules and regulations of fair play was used instead.

“I never liked the way that scene flowed,” said Lana Wachowski. “So, we decided to add a scene where Neo sees the results of [Ashley’s] Ruination 0-3 loss in Game 2, since it was an identical result in Game 1, including the same suspicious refs, and the same out of league goalie.”

“I think fans of the movie will really truly understand the idea of the matrix better as a result,” noted Wachowski.

Lilly Wachowski added that the fact that the movie will include events “ripped from the headlines” will also “add even more grittiness and reality.”

Reeves, when asked about his thoughts regarding the restructured scene, simply stated: “This is rather confusing, as I believe Ruination is a C-League team somewhere in the Midwest… Michigan or Illinois, and though I am a huge fan of obscure Beer League teams and players– I happen to be a huge fan John Vella– I am less than awe-inspired by the idea. I just don’t think America will ‘get it.'”

When asked to explain himself, Reeves rolled his eyes and responded, “Ugh, sorry. I meant… whoa!”