Ruination Win? Totes McYotes!

The author goes a very long way to make a very obscure reference from a very obscure band. Most thought the phrase “came from the ether,” which in itself is a phrase that came from the ether.

ANN ARBOR– Concerning any doubt that Ruination defeated the Yotes C 6-3 Tuesday evening, according to the fact check organization Catfish Phillips Fact Check Organization & Stuff. “Totes McGotes! They really won,” said CEO Catherine Fisch-Phillips.

“I thought Totes McGotes from the movie ‘I Love You, Man,” said a confused Chris Sutton, VP of Operations for Ruination. “I don’t get the Catfish reference.”

As of press time, it was revealed that Catfish Phillips is a an obscure band who released a song titles “Totes McGotes” in 2010, which many on the Ruination team considered the “greatest year” of their lives, since that was “like sixth grade or something.”