Disney+ Announces New Show: Leave It to Fever

HOLLYWOOD– Disney executives announced late Monday a new show designed to “return to that 50s charm,” starring Brian Lefevre in “Leave It to Fever.”

“We’re super excited,” said Anita Fakeperson, head of Creative Marketing at Disney. “Brian will essentially play himself as a happy-go-lucky hockey player, cheering his teammates on for showing up, bringing beer, and otherwise scoring goals and skating hard.”

A sneak peak of the pilot episode shows Brian (Fever or Feves) resolving an issue of a player who has misgivings about consuming alcohol after the game:


Golly, I’m not sure about drinking… a beer.


Gee, Drew. I kinda never thought of it that way. (Pause) I got it! How about an Oreo snack pack? It’s like beer without the alcohol, just with a lot of calories.


Now we’re talkin’!


What a guy! Leave it to Fever!

The whole team laughs, while GARY THE GOALIE tussles FEVER’s hair, who smiles sheepishly.

The show is set to start January 3 with the appropriate title “Kraken Beers.”