Ruination Wins Despite Being Down 3 Chris’s to Start Game

ANN ARBOR– Ruination started its season strong with a 6-3 win over Kraken Beers late Tuesday night despite being down 3 Chris’s at the start of the game. Armed with only Chris Sutton and Chris Radomile, the team added sure to be Hall of Famer Eric Larson to get the win.

Said forward Andrew Thompson before the puck drop: “Two Chris’s are better than none.”

These words proved to be prophetic, as the team spotted Kraken beers an early lead before rallying late in the game.

GM Mark Woods was quick to downplay any dependence on Chris’s. “It’s not in the name that matters. It’s how much spirit you display. Remember last month when we briefly signed Chris Moss and Chris Miss? Those guys had spirit!”

Added Woods: “Maybe it is in the name.”