Ashley’s Weekend Preview

Ashley’s Hockey has a full compliment of games this weekend. Among the more exciting storylines to follow will include:

Hopslam— The Hopslammers take on the Cleveland Steamers while asking: “What kind of crap is this?”

Ruination— The Ghost of Hockey Future gives Chris Sutton a preview of what it will feel like to have present day Mark Woods skills relative to the rest of the team as newcomers Nick Drabicki, Tom Angers, and Martin Sisolak (responsible for nearly 50% of the goals scored this season while combining to allow 3 goals in 2 games) effortlessly skate throughout Saturday’s game with the Ice-o-topes. “It’s pretty amazing when someone makes Brian Lefevre (4 goals, 4 assists) look only pretty good,” said Sutton humbly.

Added Sutton: “Now that I know how Mark feels on the ice, I wonder even more publicly why he hasn’t retired.”

Aventinus: The D2 team looks to bounce back after 2 straight losses, taking on the Ice-o-topes D2 team Sunday. “We will chase the puck more. We will throw the puck into their shins harder. And we will watch the defense cover a 1 on 3 break for as long as it takes to win,” declared I. Ron Nee.